Edge Computing and the Fog

The Difuon Network is a worldwide collection of nodes that securely and privately deliver computing resources in the Fog. The fog is closer to the data, more efficient, more flexible and less costly. A decentralized fog enables almost anyone to participate in and profit from a compute sharing economy.

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The Cloud is Centralized

Demand for data integration and analytics continues to grow at exponential rates. While the cloud has enabled IT organizations to offload the hassle and expense of proprietary IT infrastructure, the cloud is expensive, generally slower, and it concentrates the value proposition in monolithic silo’d providers.

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Huge Demand and growth

Explosive demand growth for data integration and analytics will come from data sourced in the edge (fog): potentially trillions of mobile, IoT, web 3.0, and personal cloud devices and applications. Demand for computing infrastructure will grow. Edge-sourced data is best processed in the fog at the edge -- not the cloud. The fog will displace the cloud as the future home of data integration and analytics computing.

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Decentralize with the fog

Difuon connects buyers and sellers of computing power and associated applications through a decentralized federated ephemeral computing platform and marketplace. Difuon is beneficially leveraging an unprecedented convergence in technology drivers that will supplant the cloud with Difuon’s fog. Difuon's business model uniquely drives an exponential growth in fog computing capacity.

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Our Software & Platform

Difuon’s secret sauce is its holistic, comprehensive artifical intelligence software that federates the entire process in a set it and forget solution. Our remote management capability will enable even the non-technically inclined to be fog compute providers. This will foster explosive growth in fog compute capacity as it enables anyone with spare bandwidth, space, and energy to participate.

Difuon will take the Cloud to the Fog through: 1. Consensus Engagement 2. Consesus Federation & 3. Remote Management. Difuon brings compute down from the cloud to the fog, infinitely closer to where the data is created. The 1st rule of data management: Don’t move it.

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Co-Marketed Dedicated Hardware

Conventional approaches to decentralized compute erroneously assume that there will be sufficient available spare compute capacity on user's personal laptops, desktops, and mobile devices. This assumption is false because most users will not put up with the inconvenience, security vulnerabilities, and privacy violations that result from running external compute jobs on their personal hardware.

Difuon addresses these problems by using dedicated hardware that minimizes inconvenience and maximizes security and privacy. Our business model incentivizes the deployment of disposable fog compute nodes that monetize spare bandwidth, space, and energy. With remote management these devices require no technical expertise by the user thereby enabling virtually anyone to participate as a producer. Our co-marketing arrangements with hardware manufacturers enable a scalable delivery model that will foster exponential growth in real compute capacity.

Security and Privacy

Conventional approaches to decentralized compute fail for many reasons. One way they fail is by not following best practices for security and privacy. Difuon is architected using what we call a diffuse trust perimeterless security model or zero-trust computing for short. Difuon uses end-to-end encryption that is signed and encrypted in motion and at rest. Difuon's ephemeral serverless compute framework runs in a trusted enclove on the dedicated devices thereby providing best practices security and privacy.

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Innovative Tokenomics Model

Difuon has designed a novel dual utility tokenomics model consisting of both a medium-of-exchange (MoE) token and a store-of-value (SoV) token that together provide true separation of concerns between the need to support stable pricing, low friction, and high throughput transactions and the need for appreciative value to reward virtuous participation on the platform including investment. The new complex SoV token is called a Redemptive Benefit Token (RBT) that employs several complementary features that we call HODLing powers that drives virtuous behavior and value during different growth stages of the platform. This innovative RBT model fixes the broken single utility token model.

Use Cases

Difuon services and participates in many categories and verticals. Examples are the following but not limited only to:

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Public health, public safety, commercial buildings, smart city, supply chain management, etc.

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Dapps & Blockchain & Web 3.0

These new Web 3.0 kind of applications will get all benefits from cheap and distributed Difuon IaaS.

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CDN & video streaming

Geo distributed resources available in any ISP worldwide.

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Web Backends

For end-customers and web hosting platforms.

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Game Servers

Quake, CS:GO and others.

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General Applications

Back-end for general 2- and 3-tier applications (mobile apps, platforms for app hosting etc).

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Asset tracking and monitoring, predictive maintenance, energy efficiency, etc.

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Cryptocurrency Mining

Turn key / plug and play mining disposable rigs.

Difuon Papers

Difuon continues to develop and architect and improve. Read our technical papers to learn more about our models and newest technological aspects:

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Light Paper

We call this our Tech Summary. This is taken from our more dense whitepaper.

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Market & Tech Paper

Difuon computing platform market and technology opportunity.

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Tokenomics Paper

Difuon's Redemptive Benefit Token Summary Version 0.3.