Our Team

We’re a tight-knit group with experience across multiple industries and a singular passion for helping change the world. Based out of Utah in the USA, we’ve been creating decentralized products for over 5 years. Our varied backgrounds in technology and business help us create products that impact a wide range of people. Our team has experience in AI, Machine Learning, Autonomous Vehicles, Publically Traded Companies and IPOs, Venture, Finance, and much more.

Meet the Founding Team

Our founding team has extensive knowledge in value creation and execution and come from past teams that include Google, Omniture, Consensys, Info Space, DevMountain, and Tute Genomics.

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John RichardsCEO

An entrepreneur with multiple exits including an IPO to $35+ billion market cap. John is an experienced Venture investor in 85+ direct deals and 100s indirectly though funds. Nationally recognized as a Professor in Entrepreneurship. John previously started and was involved with Infospace, Google, Omniture, and more.

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Sam SmithCTO

Sam is a world-class blockchain innovator. Sam has extensive knowledge in AI, machine learning, blockchain identity, reputation, distributed consensus, cloud automation, and zero-trust computing. With an Education as a PhD, ECE Sam previously was a Professor at Florida Atlantic University. Sam has worked with the Dept of Defense as a technologist leading over an autonomous vehicle project with the United States Navy. More recently Sam was an Executive at Consensys leading their Identity and Reputation spokes. Sam has been involved in Jive Communications, Salt Stack, and Sovrin.

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Tyler RichardsCMO

Blockchain/crypto leader and an expert in sales and marketing. Passionate technologist, entrepreneur, and investor, who founded one one of the largest and most successful coding academies in the US achieving multiple millions in revenue and acquired in 2016. As a corporate executive he is creative and innovative.

Investors & Partners

We are honored to have such an amazing supporting team. Our investors are deeply familiar with the world of blockchain, collaboration, decentralization, and innovative technology. Our advisors are some of the smartest people in industry and share the same passion as we do. We’re also backed by some of the best venture capital firms in the world.

7tk Investor Difuon

Meet the Advising Team

Our advisors have put in work on over 30 seperate projects within the industry. They have been around the blockchain block.

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Graham LeachAdvisor

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Brian NelsonAdvisor

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Thomas HatchAdvisor

Notes From Difuon Community

The Difuon project is impressive. The team is one of the most technically right team I have met in the whole space. Take the time to learn their documents and you will see how this company will truly change the world.

Joey X., J-One Capital

Difuon is changing the face of compute. Difuon’s secret sauce is its holistic, comprehensive software that federates the entire process in a set it and forget solution. No one is doing it because they literally can't. We can.

John Richards, Difuon CEO